Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why this site is on the internet?

You might enjoy this as the mission purpose effort to focus the concepts of faith in a new variation of study and conversation of the scriptures through reading and discussions, for all ages of adults, by enjoyable means.
I was a long time church interested person who decided to return to worship after a long absence. That entry was difficult for me because I was divorced and single, so that fellow parishioners felt was a problem in their midst.

I read about a new form of worship called Pioneer Mission Minister's, who had a role in the Anglican Church of England, to revive the practices of scripture, liturgy and community, beyond the church walls, as a new mission in countries for the same group of people who were like me at my age. I read all I could find on this and  so much more at ease to be able to be directed to go out into the local community and share the faith over a beer.

I then read about missions in urban areas where theological pub church events were forming and they included a a need to seek out Men like myself who would explore this as a lead role, not as missionaries, but event developers and make these events happen. I am so ready to do this my whole thoughts and daily ideas are filled with the possibles, yet conventional church foundations think of this as a threat.

Today's church has rooms for all kinds of new ways to see and feel faith. The single man or woman with a few years under their belt are not a challenge to the other's, they are the new age of self explorers. If you like what is stated here, ask me for more information, if you see this as problem for your church ideas, let's discuss the ways to resolve it by conversation and time to sit at the table of  food and drink and see what we both can feel about increasing sense of purpose to this new church concept.
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