Sunday, March 1, 2015


I am sending out this blog note, with a sense of excitement and pleasure after the few steps and motions of a new to us home. We arrived on Mayne Island on Feb 3, 2015 to a lot of home and some work to get it ready to live in. Over the next few days we learned how unique and functionable the whole house would become with some effort. Certainly the home had needs and renovations to the electrical system that will increase some changes and living skills. I went to Victoria for a few days and returned to a shell of renovations and a new electrical panel that has the 200 A capacity. Now come the future cabinets and counters to be installed, with flooring to improve the appearance. I hope you all will keep in touch for the next version of the blog.

Friday, January 16, 2015


While the counting of people is a view of value, like an account balance, the ANGLICAN expression is about  even more. Parishes are closing in some areas as people migrate, yet the body of individuals doing things inside the parish and community remains an incredible experience. I sense the real work of the body and mind of the Anglican faith in Canada is alive, vibrant with will and determination. When we all renew our hopes and wishes with rolled up sleeves and strength, what is can stop us in our quest for scripture, tradition and a reason to be a community of belief in each other.

The question for us today as in 1965, remains how to make our hopes, religion and expression the will of us, now today while sharing the gifts with three generations: teenagers and youth 17-27, young family members 27-47, who want a seat at our tables, and finally a generation of mature people who have not loss faith, just tired of waiting for parishes to grow, where clearly a vibrant plant of Anglican beauty still offer fruits of faith, bread of affirmation and waters of refreshment to our body, soul, spirit and mind, in love of  trinity in action.

Before you all think I am silly, read though my comments. Where is a church a building, structure or location? When you make the institution about who you share, life, adventures, stress, ideas, worship and meals as the base of your role in a community, that group prospers. You can not hold them back from the pain, joys, prayers, words and deeds in how they interact. Invite all to the table of Eucharist,  and seldom will anyone not be fed by the body of Christ, the cup of salvation and renewal. However worship is not solely acts or actions. When we depart the location with a prayer of thanks on our lips and minds, then walk the streets of any town, city or open area you will find ways to share that gift of faith. Accounting is for business, or agencies to gauge values and profit or loss. We have a no need or benefit to a ledger sheet to determine our  faith. It is alive, and ready to do amazing things when we move in ways to give others care, consideration and some love, by faith in various expressions.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


It is a thought to many of you, that I have not let you know a bit about my mission plan, I took courses in theology from McMaster University at the graduate level while not having a lot of the formal university training. My papers were for pastoral care and incidental stress care. From 2008 to now I have worked on the role of a Deacon style open ministry by walking around in communities. Living in a mission and teaching role about faith, grace, mercy, belief and hope in a new way is a challenge for many to accept..

We often view Christian leaders who tell us what is necessary to good living, they are like a doctor who see his/her patients in an office with little background to the lives they are treating, in the world beyond the examination room. The patient reads the prescription like a word they can not pronounce or understand what the liturgy teachings might do to their bodies, over the life  they need to live once they depart worship requires These are the dosages of theology, which often are very good for us, when taken with attention to the side affects they are likely to cause as the body, mind and spirit absorbs the words and spirit of reasons. What I am interested in is how people react, iin the following days to be without any further checking after the actual ( Sermon, worship service, or counselling) to move about in the community. If you watch these people carefully enough you will observe several noticeable things.

By my own observations and interests I take the approach of the community deacon, who looks at the conditions of the person, before and in many cases after liturgy  is read  or presented in the context of what the scripture (dose)  might change or alteration to the the lives of that individual,  to see the difference of that person in the ways the teaching and learning took effect to improve or alter a life.

In short my role is similar to the therapist and trainer in religions teachings not simple scripture readings where no one can envision the results of working with the community on living the faith, grace, hope and care of everyday life, I take pride in being a laity inspired open mission leader like a shepherd in the fields of Christian mission, not to inhibit people but to enable them to know someone cares what the scriptures sustain for them and us all. This is a role I feel allows me to share with the people of the Mayne and other Gulf Islands.

One of the many concerns we have as a community is the needs for all ages and medical issue to gain access to fresh nutrition at least weekly. I want to begin 2015 making presentation, or leading workshops on how to achieve this in all parts of the Gulf and Vancouver Island locations. Do you have a group or club that would give me an hour to come and present my ideas for your membership to open their own food support project.
I only require that your interested members support my cost of travel and a small fee ( 25.00) for my time and being able to speak any time of the day or evenings. Connect with me at ROUGH EDGE VANCOUVER ISLAND BC or text me at for more information

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I would never have thought the changes of the year from one to another could be so different. I had no idea what was on the corner of January 2015.You can only take 15 Minutes at at a time I say. Well the 15 Minutes of 2 January morning might be called the best of the best.

After a long discussion and debate with Medical staff and specialist in the Government of Canada both with DND  and Veteran's Affairs Canada. Both these agencies wanted to help me yet the information and details of the case were complicated and confused by attitudes and systemic process.

So I was making coffee and getting ready for the usual day when suddenly the call I never expected came. I was in a state of shock, awesome confusion and perplexed reality. Now I am a veteran of record with a disability. This does mean I am incapable or limited. I am a person who has been for the past eight years a case and circumstance of prolonged medical problems. Now with a simple statement I can finally affirm the will to fight for your rights and care, not as a victim of a single act, deed or circumstance. I was a proud of the roles and duties I performed, then now and in the future for the training, and responsibility of a soldier's purpose.

Now let's say that the true intention of my blog and webpage is a continuous moving forward in the care, treatment, and long term support of the men, women and member's of the paramilitary, military and medical community for disorders of the body, minds, we term as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
I have a calling to the ways we as disorder suffers, can find methods and aids to the continuous recovery of the condition, we call PTSD. Is that abbreviation a short term concept outlet and phrase that is misunderstood like saying the Big "C", meaning Cancer. We all use short term phrase terms that label and assign stigmatic identity to a condition of the body, or affecting the brain, learning, retention of details from a past traumatic interval in our lives,  brought about by horror, or injury.

I am certain that the medical conditions like Diabetes, or Cancer are just as traumatic moments, however we all know the disease process of morbidity are unable to be avoided. So also is the incidents of stress and emotional crisis can leave the sense of taste, smell, hearing or touch with a much more profound problem of very simple thing we refer to as the Spirit. The human body can recover from surgery and treatments of the blood, muscles and bones, with some difficulty.

Yet the body is even more affected element is the senses. The five major senses are at risk by the historical relevance of one or a series of events, which we can never block out or remove from the precious memory resource we know as conscience.

The reason for the note today is more about the will of my own purpose and life goal to assist two sides of the Trauma event situation. Too many times we treat with medical standards the very thing that can reduce, improve and affirm the people with a disorder, compassion, reassurance, and being there, when it is most necessary. I want to remind you all the will of my life goal is to find the project, center and people who will make future and present Incident Exposure person less at risk for the next few decades.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I hear all your thoughts and wonder where a church or parish lost the key focus. Yes sharing prayers and listening to the tensions, can be a challenge. The best way I find in my journey with faith, is to hear what the church does not hear, needs, sense where others are deaf, kindness, Then the whole situation is a motivation. I know many of you think I am silly. YOU are necessary, even with your faults, problems and difficult times to look out the doors of the church to a world in need of your kindness.
I encourage you all to step beyond the sanctuary, go out with your ability, share it, give it and hear the spirit of today's community that will make you a better individual   and family person. When you do that for yourself you will become a laity mission role person. Your daily life with God will be fun, and you are able to help all who need you for what you can do, not for sitting in that Comfortable Pew.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


After so many months of development and marketing trends, the new enterprise is near to ready. The  work of setting together the people of Victoria which are needing support, and having members of the post military community provide the very thing they are able to provide, care, charity and fellowship.

C.S. Lewis makes great reference to the will of the forms of Love, known in humanity. These are known as Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity. Since love as known in Faith and religion offers us as community the three most essential of qualities ( Let's set aside Eros, for good reason) we as a culture and community we can find all of the parts of what is vital for the Rough Edge Victoria to grow forward.

The full intention of the group is foundational on the will to find and employ the men and women of all paramilitary community suffering from post trauma and other disorders of the spirit, mind and soul. Current human suffering of those with medical issues of mobility and confinement due to prolonged ailments at any age. These two portions of medical restrictions are not opposite yet parallel in needs and treatment measures, that can and do enable both remedy and sustainable welafare.

Charity of soldiers, and all military personnel is well reported in every means. Nothing is more caring and acceptable then the open hands and willing sense of giving those at risk, affection of consideration, with friendly interaction. Anyone who views this reading will understand the wealth of actions, passive in nature with strength of resolve.

Those with all types of medical limitations through acts of injury, accidents, or medical incidents, are always willing and acceptable to support in these and many other ways. A small portion of food and refreshment, generously provides by a frequent interval of resident delivery door steps. The frequency and ability to spend a few moments assuring the client and linking both people together.

During the coming months, we will work with all parts of the community of  VICTORIA, JAMES BAY area and postal codes beginning as V8V initially. Through a brief marketing research the numbers of living residence of medical and age circumstance that could be over 1350 at risk of not having access to the essential fresh fruit and vegatable, as recommended in food guides and nutritions tables to meet minimum roughage and fibre content every  week for proper health needs.

It is the will and hope that by enabled connection, support and purpose that this organic body will strive to create and foster a new means of being a program that will reduce and in time realise the plans and dedication of our mission statement.

I want to ask all of the people who have medical conditions below the shoulders, to send me a email request should you live in Downtown Victoria area postal code V8V.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shorter Chapter 1B - Making sense where others do get it

The day began with a sore hip and a restless night, because it  hurts. Well the signs of advanced years are noted, by smaller bank deposits, quicker instant withdrawal (NOT ATM), or the occasional call from the bank about your account. We seldom hear from financial firms till you make a $10,000.00 change and they all find a reason to call and make contact.

By the way the chocolate cake run is still in plan stage, if the darling wife get a bike ride to the malt shop. Stay tuned fans, it will happen. Now more than ever the call of challenges and changes attracts me to a new situation. It can be compared to the time difference of pregnancy notice and actual delivery room arrival times, both take more than enough time off a marriage's minds. Did I ever mention the color of the new babies eyes are never what the rest of the family members ever thought was in your DNA profile according to their memories. Grandmother's mention of who in the  extended family ever had different color hair, over the last five decades is always topical to say the least, in my family history more rich than any bank will ever be.

Can life be any more fun, adventurous or interesting, stay tune children, Batman is on TV again.

Remember also to share a prayer with a friend today, in some way or moment.