Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shorter Chapter 1B - Making sense where others do get it

The day began with a sore hip and a restless night, because it  hurts. Well the signs of advanced years are noted, by smaller bank deposits, quicker instant withdrawal (NOT ATM), or the occasional call from the bank about your account. We seldom hear from financial firms till you make a $10,000.00 change and they all find a reason to call and make contact.

By the way the chocolate cake run is still in plan stage, if the darling wife get a bike ride to the malt shop. Stay tuned fans, it will happen. Now more than ever the call of challenges and changes attracts me to a new situation. It can be compared to the time difference of pregnancy notice and actual delivery room arrival times, both take more than enough time off a marriage's minds. Did I ever mention the color of the new babies eyes are never what the rest of the family members ever thought was in your DNA profile according to their memories. Grandmother's mention of who in the  extended family ever had different color hair, over the last five decades is always topical to say the least, in my family history more rich than any bank will ever be.

Can life be any more fun, adventurous or interesting, stay tune children, Batman is on TV again.

Remember also to share a prayer with a friend today, in some way or moment.

Monday, June 9, 2014


My  personal story here continues with a few swirls and changes,  that I was never aware of, called living the moment. The recent interest in making a change of life adjustment, has made me realize my own understanding of what fifteen minutes means when it actual happens? We are so often thinking we live by exacting decisions, that we can control and grasp. These include jobs and salaries, promotions and even in my case retirement? I was so certain that my hopes and intentions were to be one day a theologian and Clergy.  Then the voice of change said "Not likely buddy, not likely ever if ever?", in your case. I am sensing my ancient friend and adversary called "REASON IS". This manifested old victim syndrome, of not being good enough for God's world and people, because you did it your way, not the old school way is my nemesis  and teacher.

I chose to attend McMaster Divinity College as a mature student, for vocational religion and training  for over three years to build up my theologians mind, body, soul, and spirit skills. Now here I am, a rehabilitation nightmare and person with emotional concerns, unable to meet the challenges of formal clergy practices. Like in baseball games, after being thrown in a plate appearance,  Four Balls only, I advance to First base, then an attempt to run to second base gets  thrown out by the next batters line drive to Second baseman's glove. I think immediately, is the game over for me or should I await the next time I get  to go Home plate to bat. Long waits these 15 years between batting chances. Or is it a case did I just missed the last few season's on the bench. Well the best and simple answer is the game and season ended and you missed the rest of the following baseball seasons for a few reasons.

I felt I was around the ball park, or was I missing the fact my team and league folded and left me standing still. Was it my fault, for moving from one place in this country to another , not recognition the leagues are not the same, across the country. Every team needed I thought a Catchers  with my talents and ability, don't they??? Well apparently you my boy forgot your skills and ability were not exactly what the team's needed or were further interested in you as they play Baseball where you were developed for Softball regulations. Close but not exactly the same game.

I guess what is essential now is the fact that my talents and throwing arm are not as fast as they were a decade ago, yet what I posses is still vital and necessary. In today's redesigned theological program, now more than ever,  the need is becoming to find mature people of early retired age who can work in the aspect of leading churches from a different perspective, similar to a Player manager category, with a strength to lead teams, while part of the game day players too.

Reminds me of the Tom Hanks character in the Movie LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. His character lead teams during the WWII era, through games that were played so in a different way. Now maybe it is my ear that needs to listen more. I think I have found my new ball park where my talents are required. I could never imagine myself from those days at MACDIV to even this very day NOT being that Vocational Pioneer Mission man.

Pray for each other, share faith with grace, hope and joy. Always be ready for the next chapter.


Sitting in a small downtown Victoria BC malt shop, my darling wife and I were eyes on,  the Mount Everest Chocolate  monster cake in the display case. With ice cold milk and two forks can we do it, babe??  We both look at each other and wonder if we can make it home, after, you figure a piece of cake eight inches tall and with 1.7 million calories, who can figure the staff at the VGH  Emergency Room will not throw us out for grandstanding silly behavior. Does medical insurance cover excessive living faults, like drinking Maple Syrup, from the bottle or two people with severe stomach aches, from sugar overload.

If the choices in life are like that... for what we think we can get away with...who would fault anyone for sharing delicious cake on a warm afternoon. The world says eat Dessert First!!!. Is there  a commandment against fine dining and obsessive dessert dishes for two, three or even four starving people..... is there??

We escape the malt shop counter with a BLT and soup and Snikerdoddles, for under $8.00, and she dines on a Veggie Wrap with Shrimp and Salsa, with a Lemonade to wash it down. Chicken's live forever where fools live by the light of the moon, and howl with glee for being rebels... isn't that in the Bible somewhere? Old testament theology says to practical and sensible. The Gospels are fair more about sharing and being good examples of living? 

Come last Sunday morning we tell everyone we are enjoying the life modestly, and our week's are filled with Baby sitting and nothing special going on, most all the time. Our noses must be growing to you my readers for all my dearest wife and I can to avoid our sinful delights, even when the announcement from the Lectern of the Prayers of  People announce that we are encouraged to be invited to the Healing Prayer team after Communion is taken from the Altar Rail and we are open to  go and clear the conscience of a person soul in turmoil. Mary Jane heads for the Healing Prayers, after a Communion rail, kneeling,  while I sit transfixed on her motions to clear her mind of the torments of looking at a Cake with Calories on the hips and soul, along with the dresses she had to give away, or forcing me to get rid of the pants which are far to tight for me to wear, because our two years of bliss and dining are more than we should have allowed ourselves to get to this level of concern. Note to self, be more in self control less snacks.

Today we are taking time out for the relaxing and refresh day of leisure, now the  devilish cake is out of our imagination Yet what starts as being good to each other can so rapidly turn to make us go for a bike ride uptown to get a Chocolate Gelato, after dinner for  an evening outing. However, with only four more blocks to the Malt Shop of desires and temptations, we could be back  on the road of temptation and wackiness with only a few more pedal strokes.  Stay tune fans, like the Batman show said each week, same Bat Channel, same Bat time kiddies.

Please be reminded to share your devotions with other's  by using the daily office of your choice with a friend either Morning, Matins, or Evening Song when you are able.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Well like every other day you in a normal life, the day began under rain and clouds. Nothing special in that, and routine situation of the retired man with nothing to do. If ever you hear that from a person in retirement, fear like a sheep on a mountain pasture. I heard a recent sermon about what sheep need according to an author writer who is published.

Sheep need four aspects to lay down and rest. These include free from fear and threat. Could we as society ever feel a time when no threats, doubts or sensations of pensive emotion in our lives each day, not for days on end. I would say that is the impossible dream situation and condition. Our lives are about the tempo of from severe unrest and interpersonal tension called stress. I would give that condition the factor of five or greater to the left or upper scale. The opposite is like a case of quiet and calm bordering on dead asleep, which is the factor of five to the right and lower scale. Lives swing and move between these two pendulum places like the tempo of a metronomes of speeds we can unlikely ever expect. Let's make that the first stage.

Sheep are then affected by the location  of eve a few other sheep on the pasture, with space, direction and even proximity by scent from short to distance making them sensitive as well. Imagine a close relative sitting on your lap, who you are fond of but not exactly a loving close person of your interest. We all enjoy occasional intimate connect for warmth in cold  adverse conditions, but it is temporary and short in duration. Thereby you can visually relate to the fragrance or odor, or other dynamics of sheep to sheep and person to person interaction.

Ever see a fly or mosquito in a tent and you can visually recognize the next stage, free from distractions and nuisance elements. Sitting in a theatre with a snoring audience member now show you what could be called unbearable to be polite. Beaches full of teenagers and families with crying babies is one thing, but all afternoon and evening and now you get the need for distance and sensitive natures, becomes easy to accept and appreciate.

Hunger and hydration is self explaining. Good food and full belly is sense of self care, but hunger and thirst makes living either pleasant or difficult to manage. Personally the fly on the salad bowl and around the butter dish can be a reason for the best of us to head for the spray and Raid strip at least. All of these are adequate justification and understand how sheep and people are demonstrated as similar beyond compare. As we get older and look around our pastures we sense the circumstance of too many sheep, per pasture. Why does our farmer expect us to live under these climate, and natural conditions.

Is not all of these four thoughts the reason we as cultures, society, community and family seek to add in or be removed from a circumstance. The speed of the tempo we can govern somehow or in a loose way by avoidance or involvement by free choice. But as for sheep and other breeds of animal they also have one component absent from their lives. Conscience and will to understand  sin, fault and blame is going to be the next discussion on what not to read in a article like this.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Authors often fear that the text they write with great labour, effort and determination must be frustrating? I once was advise that anything I ever wrote would be a sleeping pill for all humanity. Could anyone ever decide to spend all those comments and not feel overwhelmed.How can you make a reader get past even this paragraph without laying it aside.

I hope over the next few blog items to set a story of interest and collective moments of my life and work. Even that can make me consider the project for my own intrigue and wondering. The hope is to enlighten and inform you of the key notes of what is a journey of faith, grace and actions over a military career of forty plus years. I have worked with clergy and medical staff that have dealt with life both in crisis and joy. I have served many Chaplains who provided me with insight and example of men, women and families with a wide component of humanity situations.

It is always of interest to see what people both in assumed faith condition, do things and make comments you would never imagine. A simple example is the story of the how a mature clergy was sent to prison for gross misconduct, and vowed to never accept God's wonder, while in the same prison a self confession criminal had hundreds of fellow inmates sharing traditional religion with no formal training. The perplexing view was how could someone so bad be considered in faith, while a theologian turned his whole life away from a faith based nature,

Interesting opening and I hope that over the next few post to demonstrate the very reason anyone should read further.


1.     Overview of the Programs Mission purpose

Satisfy a need  identified in the James Bay and Inner City region of Victoria, BC, facilitation of bridge and provide for a known  gap in mobility limited individuals {senior/disabled care} by providing supplemental “Roughage” in the form of prepared 100-150 gram portions of fruit and vegetables a few times a week to shut-ins and drop-ins. We have identified sources for provision of fresh donated raw ingredients. There is a willing mature community of able retirees, and young adults to be volunteer packagers and deliverers from a small central food preparation location in James Bay. The nutritional benefits, to our market audience is seen in various reason. We can assist through brief social contact by use of engaging clients and volunteer. This interaction would benefit therapeutically, and nutrition support a large absence of those suffering from emotional disorders and are physically otherwise enabled. We can with this projects aims discourage the sensation of anxiety and assist in rehabilitation of involvement as a method of treatment for a very wide range of emotional based disorders, or other similar challenges. The synergistic balance of needs to ability has a cognitive capability which can benefit both social groups effectively and in harmony.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Rough Edge outreach


I feel my life has been enriched by the variety of positions I held during my career in the military and throughout life.  I will certainly remember the exceptional gift, a cruise through Europe and Asia, with my Mother as a celebration of my theological training.  I was able to be in the places where Apostle Paul wrote to the people of that era and society through his gospels, about the purpose of Christian living and culture. I found as I walked modern Athens, Corinth, Malta and Ephesus, that the roles and designed needs were ever more necessary even in today’s context just as Ancient times. I was called to be a vocational mission person after the model of the Apostle Paul’s teaching of sharing the Gospel’s with Jewish culture, gentile’s of all types and in a living faith, with a willing discernment for those with emotional and social challenges.

In Victoria, there are three groups in co-existence, with a similar complaint. Many people living openly without a formal residence, along with shut in residence with mobility concerns are not able to associate with normal social aspects. Currently there are a high density of all age groups living on our streets, or at least in a near shut in living situation. Both share a common complaint about themselves, as people living without a will to thrive and sustain community are because of  various medical problems and substance issues, make up a large portion of most urban cities, and Victoria BC, is a prime example. 

I have set up a websites, , and which outlines two methods of urban first response mission purposes of Christian life in action. I have expertise of applied support knowledge as a youth growing up in Cabbagetown community of Inner City Toronto. One central problem is the shortage of services and community work teams to assist either cultures, or find a method of outreach service beyond conventional local food banks. These centre’s address social support programs, where a person can visit the centres for program support, yet does not provide a mechanism for medically immobile people who have restricted by ability to travel limitation even over short distance,  as an example of under 200 meters distance.

This dual purpose outreach and support contributes to a wider requirement for both urban communities of challenges about nutrition and food programs now left without a program. In a more proper way to help rather than giving direct cash, I purchase Coffee Cards – from several restaurants and coffee shop.  The cards hold a value of $2.50 to $8.00, which will allow a person to seek coffee or food prepared for easy diets and nutrition in a warm place.

The reader might wonder where I was able to discern these needs and how to support them. It was after a short observance of both groups in my church work that I saw they are marginalized communities with few programs and social importance to many social agencies. The other consideration is the strength of people with emotional disorders and few medical problems who can be educated and developed to become a pool of resources to facilitate the two polarized groups. The benefits and sustainable rehabilitation ability of interaction and involvement of all three parties can result in a quick solution to a mutual problem of a blend of three aspects all fitting together.

I am now preparing with a small group of fellow parish members of Anglican faith with a community outreach intention a project for Central downtown Victoria, as a midweek endeavour. This project is being generated as a pilot method to establish food nutrition delivery to a large portion of mobility limited homes, which could serve over a year or more than a thousand perspective clients, which will enhance the ability to purchase more cards for distribution to the greater good of the street based community, and foster a third group who can regain their own self-treatment support by enabling those with PTSD and similar disorders as a rehabilitation outreach through Veterans Affairs Canada.